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How am i hanging on? What am i doing nowadays? Well, just give me a call and we can hang out and you will know then.

Anyway, I would love to share the important 3 days of life which was full of excitement, emotion and FUN FUN FUN!

This time, the SAC (Sunway ACCA Club) planned a outdoor activity at Eco Dusun Resort, somewhere in Pahang. Yes, it’s deep in the forest. Once u r in, you cant get out!!

I get to meet new friends. Meet people that i didn’t know were in my class and enjoyed a game called ‘Monopoly deal’.

First of all, i am not a story telling type of person so… ya, u got it, u ask me questions, i answer! haha.

I was in team NORAA and the team leader. Being a team leader, well, i have my strength and weaknesses. But what interest me most was my weaknesses. It takes a second opinion or 3rd person view to notice my own mistakes and weaknesses. That’s what my teammates did and helped me realise my imperfection. I truly thank them for that cause now i get to learn to be a better leader & man. At the same time, pity them as they need to endure my ‘character’ for the 3 days. haha.

In fact, all the team had the best of best world class teamwork! This is best shown in the last game -the balloon game, jungle trekking and obstacle course! Everyone helps each other whether or not they are in the team! This can be best describe as a friend in need is a friend in deed!

Noraa team!

The best team of all – EVERYONE!

I believe the spirit and passion of this SAC camp 2010 aka tribal camp will live on within everyone’s memory! It was definitely a moment to look back and say ‘it was hell of a camp!!’.

And i found mickey in her blog. hehe.

Well, i have nothing to give but just a little wish will do i guess? right, Ms Chiang?

But, it still keeps me wonder if i were to  study abroad. Would i turn out to be a different person as i am TODAY? would i have british accent? Will i mature faster and miss out the fun stuff of being 20?

Well, one thing for sure is I will miss MALAYSIAN FOOD! family and friends and the ‘dependant life of living with your parents’. (just thinking about food makes me hungry!). Then again, i might just miss the FOOD –  is cheap! has variety! the best part, it’s Un-healthy! haha

The wise Han Xin did once said : ‘Eat all you can while you are at your 20s!’ hahaha. ‘Time won’t stop for me, it is I who moves forward AHEAD of time.’

Flavoured Pancakes Top View

More MICKEY Pancakes!! hehehe
Picture 1 and Picture2 from Jessica Chiang's new blog.

‘What happened?’ you must be wondering…haha.

1. ACCA P1, P2 P3 finals 8-10th june (Mon-Wed)

Obviously, before exams i was busy watching tv and reading magazines to pass time THEN only start to focus on exams!! haha. DSC06284

Look at the amount of material to study!!

2. 3rd MTF Specific coach level 11-14th June (Thu-Sun)

It’s a step closer for becoming a qualified tkd coach. There’s sport science level 1…etc etc. haha.

I really enjoyed the course. I met new friends who has been a tkd instructors for years – from Johor and Melaka. and there is a class of 50 plus students and everyone is a black belt holder. That makes the class so professional. haha.

anyway, the little stuff i am really fasinated is RESPECT. EVERTIME before a class starts, everyone will stand up and shout ‘Charyeot Gyeong rye‘ (attention bow). Never have i seen a group of students being so respectful to the lecturers/masters. I believe it’s a culture in Korea that’s embedded in tkd and is practiced by us, Malaysians.

3. Outings

Dates–  my dear and i had to hunt our prom clothing!! which is in 17th July which i haven’t pay for the table yet…ops! haha.

Then there’s also dinner with my childhood friends.

Badminton every tuesday night with tkd sir and his friends.

4. MSSD tkd sparring (18th June i think, thu)

Help coach the students for sparring. Had 4 bronze and a ‘gold‘. haha. it was tiring but worth the experience. My goal is to train and get at least 2 gold medalist for next years MSSD! it’s quite reasonable i guess. just need lots of tough drilling and training and they’ll be fine.

5. OBU

yes, i am starting my degree and plans to finish it by August, before the RESULTS is out. A total of 8,000 words is needed and with my mentor there to push me, i am confident that it’s not a problem at all.

6. Perhentian

I am off to holiday this week. a relaxing time at the beach and read a story book or two and let time pass while i laze my thoughts through the continumn of time. haha. that’s call a vacation!

and it’s unfortunate that i can’t go for genting with Jessica C. and all. Have a nice time guys!

‘Face the fact, that’s LIFE!!’  There’s many angle and ways to look at IT, it’s definitely different for each individuals and interesting too. 

To me, life is about happiness and spending time with your love ones at the same time knowing my priorities. oh yes, not to forget FOOD!! i am always on cloud nine when it comes to food…hehe. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Acca a degree?

Firstly, ACCA is an acronym for Association of Chartered Certified Accountant. It is neither a degree nor a masters qualification, instead ACCA is a professional course with professional qualification (in my words, it’s between master and degree or some would say it’s close to a masters). 

Who is Acca? 
ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the largest and fastestgrowing global professional accountancy body with 296,000 students and 115,000 members in 170 countries. We aim to offer the first choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA works to achieve and promote the highest professional, ethical and governance standards and advance the public interest. 


Many times have i been asked ‘how many semester to go?’ or ‘how long is your course?’.  I had to give my head a little kick before answering cause(Acca intro):

1. To graduate from Acca, you will need to pass 14 papers (passing mark is 50% for all papers). 

2. ONE semester is from Jan-June and July-Dec, therefore there’s TWO semester in a year

3. Exams are ALWAYS early of June & Dec, the first two weeks. (this June, my exams are on 8th, 9th & 10th June)

4. In A semester, the maximum papers a student able to sit is FOUR. ( I have been taking 3papers every semester for the past two years)

Back to the question, how long is the course? 

It depends on how many papers you sit per semester. 

If you want to have a decent average human life, take 2 papers. (3.5 years)

If you are as mad as i am, take 3 papers (2.5 years) & complain day in and out about how no life Acca is (exclude the comparison with working life). 

If you have no life, 4 papers can practically torture you & suck your life or living soul our of YOU. 

What happens if i fail? 

resit the next semester. Every student has a maximum of 10years to complete Acca. If you don’t, well, maybe accounting is not your cup of tea. 

What are the 14 papers?

Acca consist of 4 modules: (F for fundamental, P for Professional – two Levels)

  • Knowledge module – F1, F2, F3 (exempted if graduate from CAT – Certified Accounting Technician)
  • Skills module – F4, F5, F6, F7, F8. F9
  • Essential module – P1, P2, P3
  • Skills module – P4, P5, P6, P7  (Choose two out of four)

When and how results are out? 

Results are out every mid 2nd month of the semester (Feb and Aug). For Dec 2008 results, it was out on 16th February 2009.  

How did i do? 

well,  so far, with lots of luck & blessing, i manage to pass till Fundamental level marginally aka bad marks, lowsy marks. Currently, i am doing P1, P2 & P3.




there’s this game we played during SAC camp 2008.

oh ya,this is my team and we won 3rd place!! haha. i was the team leader…so bangga-nya!!

thanks to a friend’s friend whos not ugly for the title. *smiles*

35 days to DEC exam!! the main deal! the BIG game! THE day!

and i am still happy-go-lucky, exercising, plurking and blogging!  yes, the pressure is accumulating but the effect is still weak on me.

i am will having LONG DAY class this few weeks. revision classes are from 9am-6pm 0r 8am-5pm or 9am-9pm!! timing depends on the lecturers!

yes, after class, most of us are exhausted and one even wants to jump from the plane for feeling tired!! for me, i just feel like ‘pigging’! less time on computer & tv, more time in college…(welcome to the life of an ACCA student!)

still life is good, i get to spend more time with the brotherhood & the sisterhood & others & the special one…Life is good, so far…i get to eat, sleep & talk & all. so ya, life is all good.

i know it has been long since i last update. been going to true fitness & college (duh!).

you all might probably not hear from me for a long time…don’t feel shy to email me. i check my email daily.

and ya get back to the title…how am i? well, i am fine. and there’s this song that is stuck in my head ‘Tian mi mi’…

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