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i remember hearing it from a monk or reading it somewhere about ‘to keep track of your good doings’. Everyday, you will put stones in a jar. White stones represents a good deed which you think it’s good. A black stone means something bad that you perform that day. Every time you will see you jar filled with stones but what colour stones?

For me, i can proudly put a white stone in that jar of mine. As, i helped Ashwin & Vikkas on friday after class before taekwondo training.

It was their 1st day in Malaysia, their plane landed about 3pm. When Yee Mun & I were talking or just lepaking at the foyer. Then came two foreign, asking about the hostel thingy of which i have not a single clue about it.

Anyway, they are from India & progressing into Professional level, classes at Lt5 & Lt8 doing P1 & P2.

I ditched Yee Mun & showed them around. Cafeteria, cimb atm, student service, orange, pink, medan, cyber cafe, indah vila, hostel, apartment, library, ‘computer room’…so we walked to the condos, and they have NEW guard house (both front & back).

Apparently, ALL condos & apartment is FULL for the next two months with 5000 students. so, they have no place to stay though they booked a room at Lagoon resort for Rm90 per night.

Unfortunately for them, the office in college is closed, Mr Teoh office is closed & even the condo office. Too bad, they have to come the next day.




In an unrelated event, while i was using my shouting technique & kick during taekwondo training, some good-fellas shouting ‘han-ny! Han!! Han? han-ny? Haaaaannnnnn!’ from the foyer.

One even said i shouted like…*no comment*

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