How am i hanging on? What am i doing nowadays? Well, just give me a call and we can hang out and you will know then.

Anyway, I would love to share the important 3 days of life which was full of excitement, emotion and FUN FUN FUN!

This time, the SAC (Sunway ACCA Club) planned a outdoor activity at Eco Dusun Resort, somewhere in Pahang. Yes, it’s deep in the forest. Once u r in, you cant get out!!

I get to meet new friends. Meet people that i didn’t know were in my class and enjoyed a game called ‘Monopoly deal’.

First of all, i am not a story telling type of person so… ya, u got it, u ask me questions, i answer! haha.

I was in team NORAA and the team leader. Being a team leader, well, i have my strength and weaknesses. But what interest me most was my weaknesses. It takes a second opinion or 3rd person view to notice my own mistakes and weaknesses. That’s what my teammates did and helped me realise my imperfection. I truly thank them for that cause now i get to learn to be a better leader & man. At the same time, pity them as they need to endure my ‘character’ for the 3 days. haha.

In fact, all the team had the best of best world class teamwork! This is best shown in the last game -the balloon game, jungle trekking and obstacle course! Everyone helps each other whether or not they are in the team! This can be best describe as a friend in need is a friend in deed!

Noraa team!

The best team of all – EVERYONE!

I believe the spirit and passion of this SAC camp 2010 aka tribal camp will live on within everyone’s memory! It was definitely a moment to look back and say ‘it was hell of a camp!!’.