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After the ‘long’ holidays of merely 2.5weeks, i am back to waking up early & sleeping late routine. Honestly, it was difficult to adjust my messed up sleeping time.

Anyway, it’s definitely great to meet up ‘old’ friends whom i did not meet for 2.5 weeks. But, the atmosphere of a HUGE CLASS of 250 students plus feels pretty isolated. i can’t go jumping around like a clown  or make a fool of myself YET. Plus, with such big group, many tends to stick together with the same small group which is not surprising.



Now, i am studying F7-FR, F8 – AA & F9 – FM. for more info, go to

After what i did or didn’t do from Jan – June (to study consistently), i have learned my lesson. It’s time for me to change myself or turn over a new leaf & put my foot down to focus on my studies. This is my priority ONE! (Right, lots of words, little action…)

It’s weird how i feel the pinch just the start of the semester, the pinch of being clueless & lost during exam, when THE exam is in DEC 2008. Not to forget the fact that results is coming out in August 2008, another nightmare to face…let’s drop that result thingy & not talk about August, it’s just too…hieh.