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I was scared the 1st time in my life ever by my Brother. What happened was…

We, bro and i, decided to change table so i had to do a little spring cleaning. After packing and all, i thought he was still in tuition,  i was carrying a box filled with my bags to my room. I couldn’t switch on the lights as both of my hands are filled. Happily i put the box on the cupboard.

Then, i heard some clicking sound and i turn and BOO!! *shock face* and this (picture below) was what i saw.

He was playing the handphone.

and i go like ‘wow, you scared me‘.

*still playing*

seriously, that was scary

Ya right. *still clicking with full concentration*

You don’t believe? *took camera and took a photo* There, see for yourself

scary… *continue to play*


In another event, heard of the world scariest park in Sunway Lagoon, known as the scream park?

there are 4 adventures, Terror tunnel, Rumah Hantu, Angoscia & Prison Break. Actually, i thought the 4 ‘rides’ had 4 different entrance. Actually, they are all continuous and we had to WALK for all 4 ‘houses’.

it was fun and interesting (especially for prison break light effects) for the 1st time only. i would not want to go there the 2nd time or ever as it’s just a waste of time but GOOD EXPerience for the ‘inaugural meeting’ only.

When we (a small group of us) went, there was like 4 other groups with us. After the 1st ‘ride’, left 2 groups.  After that, we were the only group walking till THE END *clap hands & cheer* and i believe the best one was the last one Prison Break.

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