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How am i hanging on? What am i doing nowadays? Well, just give me a call and we can hang out and you will know then.

Anyway, I would love to share the important 3 days of life which was full of excitement, emotion and FUN FUN FUN!

This time, the SAC (Sunway ACCA Club) planned a outdoor activity at Eco Dusun Resort, somewhere in Pahang. Yes, it’s deep in the forest. Once u r in, you cant get out!!

I get to meet new friends. Meet people that i didn’t know were in my class and enjoyed a game called ‘Monopoly deal’.

First of all, i am not a story telling type of person so… ya, u got it, u ask me questions, i answer! haha.

I was in team NORAA and the team leader. Being a team leader, well, i have my strength and weaknesses. But what interest me most was my weaknesses. It takes a second opinion or 3rd person view to notice my own mistakes and weaknesses. That’s what my teammates did and helped me realise my imperfection. I truly thank them for that cause now i get to learn to be a better leader & man. At the same time, pity them as they need to endure my ‘character’ for the 3 days. haha.

In fact, all the team had the best of best world class teamwork! This is best shown in the last game -the balloon game, jungle trekking and obstacle course! Everyone helps each other whether or not they are in the team! This can be best describe as a friend in need is a friend in deed!

Noraa team!

The best team of all – EVERYONE!

I believe the spirit and passion of this SAC camp 2010 aka tribal camp will live on within everyone’s memory! It was definitely a moment to look back and say ‘it was hell of a camp!!’.


‘What happened?’ you must be wondering…haha.

1. ACCA P1, P2 P3 finals 8-10th june (Mon-Wed)

Obviously, before exams i was busy watching tv and reading magazines to pass time THEN only start to focus on exams!! haha. DSC06284

Look at the amount of material to study!!

2. 3rd MTF Specific coach level 11-14th June (Thu-Sun)

It’s a step closer for becoming a qualified tkd coach. There’s sport science level 1…etc etc. haha.

I really enjoyed the course. I met new friends who has been a tkd instructors for years – from Johor and Melaka. and there is a class of 50 plus students and everyone is a black belt holder. That makes the class so professional. haha.

anyway, the little stuff i am really fasinated is RESPECT. EVERTIME before a class starts, everyone will stand up and shout ‘Charyeot Gyeong rye‘ (attention bow). Never have i seen a group of students being so respectful to the lecturers/masters. I believe it’s a culture in Korea that’s embedded in tkd and is practiced by us, Malaysians.

3. Outings

Dates–  my dear and i had to hunt our prom clothing!! which is in 17th July which i haven’t pay for the table yet…ops! haha.

Then there’s also dinner with my childhood friends.

Badminton every tuesday night with tkd sir and his friends.

4. MSSD tkd sparring (18th June i think, thu)

Help coach the students for sparring. Had 4 bronze and a ‘gold‘. haha. it was tiring but worth the experience. My goal is to train and get at least 2 gold medalist for next years MSSD! it’s quite reasonable i guess. just need lots of tough drilling and training and they’ll be fine.

5. OBU

yes, i am starting my degree and plans to finish it by August, before the RESULTS is out. A total of 8,000 words is needed and with my mentor there to push me, i am confident that it’s not a problem at all.

6. Perhentian

I am off to holiday this week. a relaxing time at the beach and read a story book or two and let time pass while i laze my thoughts through the continumn of time. haha. that’s call a vacation!

and it’s unfortunate that i can’t go for genting with Jessica C. and all. Have a nice time guys!



there’s this game we played during SAC camp 2008.

oh ya,this is my team and we won 3rd place!! haha. i was the team leader…so bangga-nya!!

I was scared the 1st time in my life ever by my Brother. What happened was…

We, bro and i, decided to change table so i had to do a little spring cleaning. After packing and all, i thought he was still in tuition,  i was carrying a box filled with my bags to my room. I couldn’t switch on the lights as both of my hands are filled. Happily i put the box on the cupboard.

Then, i heard some clicking sound and i turn and BOO!! *shock face* and this (picture below) was what i saw.

He was playing the handphone.

and i go like ‘wow, you scared me‘.

*still playing*

seriously, that was scary

Ya right. *still clicking with full concentration*

You don’t believe? *took camera and took a photo* There, see for yourself

scary… *continue to play*


In another event, heard of the world scariest park in Sunway Lagoon, known as the scream park?

there are 4 adventures, Terror tunnel, Rumah Hantu, Angoscia & Prison Break. Actually, i thought the 4 ‘rides’ had 4 different entrance. Actually, they are all continuous and we had to WALK for all 4 ‘houses’.

it was fun and interesting (especially for prison break light effects) for the 1st time only. i would not want to go there the 2nd time or ever as it’s just a waste of time but GOOD EXPerience for the ‘inaugural meeting’ only.

When we (a small group of us) went, there was like 4 other groups with us. After the 1st ‘ride’, left 2 groups.  After that, we were the only group walking till THE END *clap hands & cheer* and i believe the best one was the last one Prison Break.

Why waking up is so difficult? Alarm ring 1st time snooze, after 9mins the 2nd time snooze, by the time i wanted to snooze the 3rd time, i knew i was going to be late & that’s when i decided to get out of bed.

Morning 730am-920am conducted grading at Smk Usj 13. It was my first time conducting the red belts, i was more nervous conducting than going for exam.

continued at Smk Subang Utama grading from 10am-12pm.

The best part was taking grading(Dan 1 to Dan 2) with all the black belts – FOUR Dan2, THREE Dan1 & TWO Poom1. Plus, our grading was recorded!!will post when i get the video.

Anyway, thanks to Brian aka Brianster & my little sis, Chin Xia, WE, Dan1 dudes rocked the earth!! haha


Then had training at Bukit Tinggi. We learned lots of marital art techniques which is more practical in real life compared to tkd point system technique.

Training ended about 430pm


While the instructors went for shabu-shabu, i had Klang seafood. Came to a total of Rm285 which might cost Rm400 if we eaten in KL.

After dinner, we had fruit, the KING fruit – Durian.

Then mamak.

Mum asked to drive home. it was about 12am.

[Pictures will be posted when it’s in the gallery]

Ps: i am in IMA tkd group (Infinity Martial Arts). The website is

and so, i had to drag myself out of bed. you bet it wasn’t easy but i manage to get up.

and yes, i have prepared my clothing the night before early this morning about 2am.

and yes, my night is day, day is night. sleeping time all messed-up so is my liver.

and before i forget, Happy Birthday Hing Yee.


Anyway, we, Owen, Charissa, Shin Yi & I went to cathay cineplex, the curve, near one utama for MOVIES!!

After all these days of holidays, i haven been to the cinema since revision classes till today!!

Also, it was THEIR 1st time to cathay cineplex. *shocking* for me. it’s probably the BEST cinema ever in town.

1. The queue is short (as there are many many counters)
2. Sweetest popcorn. You can smell the popcorn before entering cathay
3. Most comfortable cinema sits but you can’t lift the handle to ‘cuddle cuddle’. haha

Movie Marathon:

Get Smart

Made of Honour

Kung Fu Panda


.Pic from pY’s blog

Before watching Kung Fu Panda about 530pm, i remembered about Chien. He is leaving to UK and the guys were planning to drive to KLIA at 6pm. While they are saying goodbye, i am here watching movie. What a bad friend i am…hieh.

my day without tv and i SURVIVED!


Day 1 (Monday) Read the rest of this entry »

Was watching Seventh Day episode 1(yes, peer pressure is bad) at about 2am after watching Numb3rs.

Little did i realised that i have to wake up at 730am and be school,Smk Usj 13 by 8am for the prefect installation. The school is about 5 minutes walk, a stone’s throw away from my house. As i was on my way, Darren called to ask where am i.

At the front gate, the guard, oh yes, the guard is the same person 3 years ago and he didn’t change one bit. “Datang untuk apa?’
Prefect installation
“kamu ex-student?’ asking me
“kamu?’ asking Darren
“ok masuk’

haha. i thought we will need to get the ‘pas’ and sign on the book of guest list. What can you expect when you are a VVIP (very very idiot pig)? The ‘clever’ one was Benjamin who decided to wear the prefect sport tshirt so that the guard won’t stop him. (i wonder if you have thought that the guard will stop you for being late? cacat.)

there, i met Darren, Benjamin and Justin. Apparently, Jasmine was busy with her brother’s report card and couldn’t make it . Adeline was totally lazy to wake up and when we called her at 10 plus, she cancelled my call!! aarrgghhh!! Hema in Tioman. Jin Wei in Switzerland. Suzzane not free. Ashley didn’t reply. Shahinaz, i don’t have her number. Ops, i forgotten to inform Dawn and i am not sure if Esther is back (ops, again) and Ming leong…hi?. The ex-ex-ex-exco (prefect board 2005/2006). yes i know it’s surprising that i am in the board, i am surprise myself. I guess ‘charm’ does play a part. ahem

Left:is the 2008 prefect ‘whatever’
Right: My year’s Prefect ‘whatever’ which cost Rm 50!!
‘Whatever’ = tanda penghargaan. Yes, after ALLLLL the hardwork and sweat this is the reward you get. with COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS, not worth IT!!

I really pity the current prefects.

1st their budget is only Rm1000. i remember our year was about Rm2000 or Rm 4000 and it’s just for the Yellows.

2nd, the prefect installation is combination of Prefects (yellow), Koperasi (Green) and Librarian(Blue).

3rd, the school can’t invite other school’s prefect.(which is an insult to other school cause it makes 13 looks ignorant and not welcoming)

4th, ALL prefects have to sit on the floor include the BOD and EXCO and us (the seniors, so kesian right? must be the budget).

5th, being the yellow prefect is not worth your effort and time. As you will have to do your duty from Monday till Friday. As Green & Blue prefect, just ONCE a week!

6th, after all the crap you suffer, what’s the reward?

  1. the ‘whatever’ as above.
  2. some points of merit in the koko book which nobody bothers about it
  3. that’s all i guess

7th, the prefect room change from a large and beautiful room to a tiny STORE ROOM (left) because the school has to use the OLD prefect room(right) for keeping the textbook. it’s twice the size…

8th, Prefects are not allowed to put their bag in the prefect room during assembly!! what in the world rule is that?? Do ‘she-who-start-the-doink-rule’ knows that students HATE yellow prefects and they will do anything to hurt the prefect like steal their stuff, hide the bag, purposely kick the bag…etc etc.

9th, this is for Darren. ‘she-who-start-the-doink-rule’ instead of being happy that ex-student are coming back to school. She tried to KICK him out cause of his sexy long hair.haha. What is this? we are already out of school. it’s up to us how we like to do with our hair. the school rule doesn’t apply!! didn’t you know that? (sorry, i am trying to release stress).

10th, it’s obvious that EVERYONE will compare the yellow, blue and green prefects. from what i heard, the green is on fire, blue second and yellow has lost it’s reputation. (so, it’s up to the new board to work double to regain their honour. Good luck, Esther and board! )

11th, there is no more privilege for being the yellow prefect. Blue & yellow has locker. yellow used to not need to have badge. Yellow can put bags in prefect room. Yellow had the MOST GRAND installation. Yellow was the ONE who controls the school.(when we have the power to ring the bell…haha)

the truth:

It’s NEVER the student’s fault for anything even when they are at the wrong. it’s the TEACHERS! they are twice our age and very matured and ‘wise’. If the teachers are not taking the 1st step to improvement, who would? the students? INITIATIVE is the right word. Teachers who has this character are Pn Rachel-english, Pn Yee-kh & her current post, Pn Tay-chemistry, Pn Yeoh-maths, Pn Siti Dorah-addmaths and Pn Vasanta-history. these are the teachers that taught me and whom i truly respect. there are others…hieh…not good to talk bad behind people’s back so i will just leave it and forgive them for who they are.

Old prefect t-shirt



wow, 838 words in a post…there is actually a word count in wordpress…blogspot don’t have i think.

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