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Did you count the number of eagle in Hancock movie? well, i did.

  1. Bench – at the very beginning of the movie
  2. His Hat
  3. Back of his tight black new ‘uniform’
  4. In jail – wall eagle 1
  5. Jail – wall eagle 2
  6. Jail – wall eagle 3
  7. The back of Ray’s car near the ‘heart’
  8. The bank robbery – one big eagle statue
  9. End of the show – an eagle flying with him
  10. His chain round his neck

there maybe more, but 10 eagle is pretty a lot in a movie huh?

Still, the eagle signifies…?? i am not sure myself – loneliness?


and so, i had to drag myself out of bed. you bet it wasn’t easy but i manage to get up.

and yes, i have prepared my clothing the night before early this morning about 2am.

and yes, my night is day, day is night. sleeping time all messed-up so is my liver.

and before i forget, Happy Birthday Hing Yee.


Anyway, we, Owen, Charissa, Shin Yi & I went to cathay cineplex, the curve, near one utama for MOVIES!!

After all these days of holidays, i haven been to the cinema since revision classes till today!!

Also, it was THEIR 1st time to cathay cineplex. *shocking* for me. it’s probably the BEST cinema ever in town.

1. The queue is short (as there are many many counters)
2. Sweetest popcorn. You can smell the popcorn before entering cathay
3. Most comfortable cinema sits but you can’t lift the handle to ‘cuddle cuddle’. haha

Movie Marathon:

Get Smart

Made of Honour

Kung Fu Panda


.Pic from pY’s blog

Before watching Kung Fu Panda about 530pm, i remembered about Chien. He is leaving to UK and the guys were planning to drive to KLIA at 6pm. While they are saying goodbye, i am here watching movie. What a bad friend i am…hieh.

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