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thanks to a friend’s friend whos not ugly for the title. *smiles*

35 days to DEC exam!! the main deal! the BIG game! THE day!

and i am still happy-go-lucky, exercising, plurking and blogging!  yes, the pressure is accumulating but the effect is still weak on me.

i am will having LONG DAY class this few weeks. revision classes are from 9am-6pm 0r 8am-5pm or 9am-9pm!! timing depends on the lecturers!

yes, after class, most of us are exhausted and one even wants to jump from the plane for feeling tired!! for me, i just feel like ‘pigging’! less time on computer & tv, more time in college…(welcome to the life of an ACCA student!)

still life is good, i get to spend more time with the brotherhood & the sisterhood & others & the special one…Life is good, so far…i get to eat, sleep & talk & all. so ya, life is all good.

i know it has been long since i last update. been going to true fitness & college (duh!).

you all might probably not hear from me for a long time…don’t feel shy to email me. i check my email daily.

and ya get back to the title…how am i? well, i am fine. and there’s this song that is stuck in my head ‘Tian mi mi’…

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