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Remember the post where i said i was watching the 1st episode of Seventh Day? so, i finished the drama in 3 days, exactly 20 episodes & i watched it from 12am onwards.

I am a movie-type of guy, well, mostly hollywood movies. More or less i can predict the ending and all. The difference about HK drama is – my sixth sense is all wrong!! Probably cause it’s the 1st time i am watching it. Amazingly how my mum can predict better than i did. (this shows that she was once a drama fan)



1. The beginning of the drama was really interesting & attract my full attention & made me want to watch more.

2. The middle part starts to get complicated where the truth starts to reveal itself and everyone is like in trouble or chaotic situation.

3. Then near the ending comes the sad part, it’s design to make the viewers CRY & feel sad, really sad. (when i was watching the sad part, i said ‘oh, this is the part where i am suppose to cry)

4. Happy ending in a weird way. This is the part where i don’t understand, everything happen in the beginning does not matter. In other words, just watch the last few episode & you will understand the whole show & it’s a WASTE OF TIME watching episode 1-15.



1. Everyone is RELATED somehow directly or indirectly.

2. The title SEVENTH DAY only mention under the ‘dont know wat tree’ where love starts to blossom. After that, the director did not include any seventh day in the drama. i would personally suggest the babies were born on the SEVENTH DAY which makes more sense in the ending when the daddies met on their daughter’s birthday.

3. Why must there be a disease? and it’s the worst of it’s kind type of disease & died after 6 months of delivery. (totally beyond my prediction. )

4. I believe the drama is design in a way to make the viewer’s attracted then confused then sad lastly a satisfied ending. There is no spectacular storyline.

5. Events of every episodes only interlink within 2-3 episodes. In other words, the drama of little happenings is not planned on long-term basis but short term as in write whatever you think is appropriate THAT time & not in future or past.


All in all, it’s just the 1st drama i have watched. Probably in future, with more dramas, my cantonese will improve & i could be a chinese drama director…you will never know. haha

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