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i remember this torture feeling/exam pressure/oh-no-i-am-not-ready-for-exam-feeling like it was yesterday.

All started last year, June 2007 when i had 3 CAT papers.

Dec 2007 – 4 tough CAT Papers

June 2008 – 3 Fundamental ACCA paper

now, Dec 2008 the next 3 fundamental Acca paper.

life is great, isn’t it?

  1. UPSR – after 6 years of studying, it all rely on your final standard 6 exam
  2. PMR – after 3 years, 7 subjects
  3. SPM – after 4 years, 12 subjects
  4. CAT/ACCA – every 6 months!!
  5. so, what’s next? work?? ‘man, i can’t wait to WORK!’ exclaimed sarcastically.

there’s also the fun part, where you can meet people, laugh, chat, play badminton, eat, enjoy each other’s company part. FOOD!! now’s that’s life!! haha.

anyway, back to reality, my exam is in 3 days time! and it’s been long since i last blog…and man, i have been online for nearly an hour…

*sigh* time to hit the books & hope for the best that i remember what i am reading (cause most of the time, it’s *blur blur blur*).


Beautiful huh? taken by me in Phuket, sunset! so coincidently or is it faith?, a yacht was passing by and was perfectly on the sun’s reflection.