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it has been a long and tiring week as in like i didn’t manage to come online from Tuesday till just (friday night).

Tuesday : morning till afternoon class then out then tv.
Wednesday : woke up late, class, tkd in college
Thursday : Whole day in college plus 4 hours break=magic cards, cards game & *wink game*
Today : whole day class from 8am-530pm, tkd in college, dinner!!

Anyway, for those who didn’t realised, my appetite has grown bigger. don’t ask me why, i can only tell you that i just eat & eat & i can continue eating.

Breakfast: i 1st had a drink of horlicksĀ  which obviously not enough, so i took my 2nd cup of oats.

Lunch : The most last minute plan lunch ever for Pan Mee (all thanks to the lift sound *TING* & humans such as Tan Yang, Chyan Wing, Lay Wah & Shien Shien ke ke). The coffee shop near 3K had the sort of original Pinang Rojak (cause pinang one has more of everything) – it’s definitely worth to try.

And the idea of SS19 Pan Mee is 100% out of the plan, though it’s delicious, it’s also infamous for it’s long waiting time of a minimum of half an hour unless you are there at 10 or 11am.

Dinner : haha. it’s call Durian Dinner. It’s actually locate near Sunway area, not really sure what’s the address but i know the way.

1. it’s cheap – 13kg of Durians we had. and it’s a total of Rm96 only. Usually, other places would cost about Rm10/kg at the minimum depending on the type as well.

2. It’s near

3. It sells mangostin – a durian-breath-smell-killer & body-cooler. 1st, durian smells. 2nd, it’s heaty. You can kill 2 bird with one mangostin.

4. My dad has his number & he recognise my dad’s number. such loyal customer huh? so, can order durian before hand. haha

5. It can influnce people who dislike durian to LOVE durian. a good example, would be my mum and I. cause you must know where & wat to eat.

6. it’s durian season

7. it’s not raining these few days – yes, the weather can affect the quality tremendously

8. It’s durian!!

-bringing durian to class can durianfy the class aroma, totally.

-plastic bag helps a little to cover the smell. haha

[no pictures on durian dinner – too eager to eat]

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