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it has been a couple of days since i last came online. the only reason is totally because i was watching movies after movies via dvd player.

While during the weekends,

-the guys are enjoying themselves by the beach or snorkeling in the sea
-others went for camp & had their muscle aching
-some are in hometown enjoying the scenery & the breeze wind blowing through them?
-little working in shops not related to their studies!
-Many starting to rot & waiting for the class to start(2nd July-Wednesday)

i watched:

21, 300, Secret, Shanghai Kiss, Street Kings, water horse, wild hogs & windstruck

Total of 8 movies, 4 movies per day aka crouch potato ME!

Let’s say it’s 1.5 hours per movie, Total = 12 hours!!

Half a day of my life is gone, and that’s excluding 5 episodes back to back of God/Save our king! additional 2.5 hours! (today-Monday, is season 2 finale of the anime! don’t miss it on Animax, 6pm or 9pm!)




PS: more Cineleplex, Cineleisure, The Curve, near One Utama, Damansara in Charissa’s blog (link on the right hand corner under ‘College’)