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here, the cycle goes ONCE more. What cycle?

1. the exam pressure – if you fail, we, the college will bar you for sitting the dec 2008 exam!!

2. Not enough time to finish – it’s always, i mean ALWAYS the case where i am not prepared for the exam. Why so?

3. classes are still on, more topics are taught and the mock exam day is still as planned.

4. laziness crawls within me – though the pressure and stress is eating my body, the old habits still stays.

5. After mock exam, ENJOY!! – it’s always time to relax and have fun after some small test, without realising that the dec 2008 exam is 54 days away (closer as we speak).

so yes, the only way to get out of the cycle is to GO WITH THE FLOW??

what more can i say? it’s life?



to be a genius like Albert Einstein.