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This is what happen when there’s 10 days, ops, i mean 9 days to Progress test 2. Everything seems to pass quickly and I am just sitting on the tree looking at how it grow as minutes turn to hours to days and weeks comes months. still the tree continues to grow & nourish itself till…

The question is do i wish to sit on the tree & watch it grow or study, input knowledge & grow with the tree? Studying shouldn’t be force or reluctant ‘event’, but a desire from beneath my heart & within me. Making knowledge as a means to LIVE, a POWER i wish to possess or a EMPIRE i live to RULE. That, my friend is call KNOWLEDGE.

Sadly, that is not what’s happening…for me/ to me/ with me/ on me/ in me. It’s just difficult though i know it should. ‘Studying’ should be like two hands wide open welcoming us into it arms & feel warm & secure & wish not to leave it but to stay with it & treasure it time after time.

well, enough of my thoughts. it’s just more lines of no-sense-making-sentences. haha.