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Reasons for absence in the blogging world :

  1. Mozilla firefox opens the dashboards really really slow, more than half an hour (main reason)
  2. Watch tv – dvd, astro 
  3. Go on dateS. 
  4. slow connection
  5. computer being conquered by brother – dotA/garena?? (anyway, add me on garena – username : hx21. i only play minigames, just fyi)
  6. rather laze and read newspaper or do nothing
  7. morning turns to dream time, night to wee hours are my high performance time. 
  8. all the above are just an excuse – to sum in all into ONE word = LAZY!! 

well, that’s what holiday is all about relax and be LAZY! let time pass & enjoy every minute as in flies through and no regrets of the past. 

holiday is also the time where i spend time with my loved ones. My presence is all i need to show my love and cherrish it together.