I can’t really remember myself. Anyway, here’s a little evaluation of my own.

Type : Home (Obviously)

Plan: Plus with:

-download up to 1.2 Mps

-upload up to 500 Kbps

There’s 3 light to determine your signal strength Green – Good, Orange – Average and Red – Poor.

For the first week of P1 Wimax, the signal is often green. It’s so fast till you don’t have to wait for youtube to upload. just click play and the upload is faster than you watching the video. To me, compare to streamyx, IT’S VERY FAST! muahaha.

However, for the past month or two to three weeks,  there’s been an upgrade for P1 wimax and they’ll send an email or sms apologizing the inconvenience and all. During those time, it can connect and often bad signal (red).

It was irritating though, as there is no chance to go online at all. but now, after the upgrading and all, it’s fast as usual and 99% satisfy!