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‘What happened?’ you must be wondering…haha.

1. ACCA P1, P2 P3 finals 8-10th june (Mon-Wed)

Obviously, before exams i was busy watching tv and reading magazines to pass time THEN only start to focus on exams!! haha. DSC06284

Look at the amount of material to study!!

2. 3rd MTF Specific coach level 11-14th June (Thu-Sun)

It’s a step closer for becoming a qualified tkd coach. There’s sport science level 1…etc etc. haha.

I really enjoyed the course. I met new friends who has been a tkd instructors for years – from Johor and Melaka. and there is a class of 50 plus students and everyone is a black belt holder. That makes the class so professional. haha.

anyway, the little stuff i am really fasinated is RESPECT. EVERTIME before a class starts, everyone will stand up and shout ‘Charyeot Gyeong rye‘ (attention bow). Never have i seen a group of students being so respectful to the lecturers/masters. I believe it’s a culture in Korea that’s embedded in tkd and is practiced by us, Malaysians.

3. Outings

Dates–  my dear and i had to hunt our prom clothing!! which is in 17th July which i haven’t pay for the table yet…ops! haha.

Then there’s also dinner with my childhood friends.

Badminton every tuesday night with tkd sir and his friends.

4. MSSD tkd sparring (18th June i think, thu)

Help coach the students for sparring. Had 4 bronze and a ‘gold‘. haha. it was tiring but worth the experience. My goal is to train and get at least 2 gold medalist for next years MSSD! it’s quite reasonable i guess. just need lots of tough drilling and training and they’ll be fine.

5. OBU

yes, i am starting my degree and plans to finish it by August, before the RESULTS is out. A total of 8,000 words is needed and with my mentor there to push me, i am confident that it’s not a problem at all.

6. Perhentian

I am off to holiday this week. a relaxing time at the beach and read a story book or two and let time pass while i laze my thoughts through the continumn of time. haha. that’s call a vacation!

and it’s unfortunate that i can’t go for genting with Jessica C. and all. Have a nice time guys!


‘Face the fact, that’s LIFE!!’  There’s many angle and ways to look at IT, it’s definitely different for each individuals and interesting too. 

To me, life is about happiness and spending time with your love ones at the same time knowing my priorities. oh yes, not to forget FOOD!! i am always on cloud nine when it comes to food…hehe. Read the rest of this entry »

Two weeks ago (haha, yes i know it was long time ago), i had :

Fri – Tkd SU & SMK USJ 13 annual dinner @ Atrium Cafe, Pyramid
Sat – Tkd training @ SU only
Sun – Last day of Referee Training @ Cheras

Anyway, the dinner was ‘okay’ as in bad planning or no planning, last minute decision, time pressure & all. Didn’t invite the ex-member or planning not to or didn’t even plan of such thing. No performance, no schedule of events (actually more like no events). Feels more like a gathering than a ANNUAL DINNER. Both schools’ president are boys, probably that explains it all. Luckily, i had fun, oh wait, i always have fun.


When everyone is still busy hearing announcement about the new board & all…i am eating!!

The 4 kidos(left) , Almost all the instructors(right)

After the dinner, a few of us head to red box & burn a hole in our pocket & sang our lungs out from 11pm till 3am.

Sat : training was as usual & tiring due to lack of sleep after a long ‘morning’.

Sun : Today is the last section of the tkd referee course of 18hours. yes, it’s 6 hours per Sunday. Reason i took the course is to update myself with the new rules & hand signals & points system. It’s my 1st time into sparing anyway(which in my opinion is not realistic as it’s more like a sport & point scoring to win).

The Corner Judges. Stick is Chung(blue), Knee Guard in red is Hung(red). IF you see a score raise the ‘thingy’. haha.

I am receiving a penalty (kyong-go)

Trainee-referee Me.

The arts of martial art in tkd is declining here. The idea of tkd has become more of a sport than a true martial art of self-defense & body conditioning exercise. It becomes more of leg kicking body & head to score A POINT rather than to defend yourself in certain dangerous situation.

. Read the rest of this entry »

More on

Why waking up is so difficult? Alarm ring 1st time snooze, after 9mins the 2nd time snooze, by the time i wanted to snooze the 3rd time, i knew i was going to be late & that’s when i decided to get out of bed.

Morning 730am-920am conducted grading at Smk Usj 13. It was my first time conducting the red belts, i was more nervous conducting than going for exam.

continued at Smk Subang Utama grading from 10am-12pm.

The best part was taking grading(Dan 1 to Dan 2) with all the black belts – FOUR Dan2, THREE Dan1 & TWO Poom1. Plus, our grading was recorded!!will post when i get the video.

Anyway, thanks to Brian aka Brianster & my little sis, Chin Xia, WE, Dan1 dudes rocked the earth!! haha


Then had training at Bukit Tinggi. We learned lots of marital art techniques which is more practical in real life compared to tkd point system technique.

Training ended about 430pm


While the instructors went for shabu-shabu, i had Klang seafood. Came to a total of Rm285 which might cost Rm400 if we eaten in KL.

After dinner, we had fruit, the KING fruit – Durian.

Then mamak.

Mum asked to drive home. it was about 12am.

[Pictures will be posted when it’s in the gallery]

Ps: i am in IMA tkd group (Infinity Martial Arts). The website is

i remember hearing it from a monk or reading it somewhere about ‘to keep track of your good doings’. Everyday, you will put stones in a jar. White stones represents a good deed which you think it’s good. A black stone means something bad that you perform that day. Every time you will see you jar filled with stones but what colour stones?

For me, i can proudly put a white stone in that jar of mine. As, i helped Ashwin & Vikkas on friday after class before taekwondo training.

It was their 1st day in Malaysia, their plane landed about 3pm. When Yee Mun & I were talking or just lepaking at the foyer. Then came two foreign, asking about the hostel thingy of which i have not a single clue about it.

Anyway, they are from India & progressing into Professional level, classes at Lt5 & Lt8 doing P1 & P2.

I ditched Yee Mun & showed them around. Cafeteria, cimb atm, student service, orange, pink, medan, cyber cafe, indah vila, hostel, apartment, library, ‘computer room’…so we walked to the condos, and they have NEW guard house (both front & back).

Apparently, ALL condos & apartment is FULL for the next two months with 5000 students. so, they have no place to stay though they booked a room at Lagoon resort for Rm90 per night.

Unfortunately for them, the office in college is closed, Mr Teoh office is closed & even the condo office. Too bad, they have to come the next day.




In an unrelated event, while i was using my shouting technique & kick during taekwondo training, some good-fellas shouting ‘han-ny! Han!! Han? han-ny? Haaaaannnnnn!’ from the foyer.

One even said i shouted like…*no comment*

In Taekwando (tkd), there are Korean commands. As above, Charyeot Gyeongnye means ‘attention bow’.

Yesterday evening, i went to Sunway College for tkd. It’s Rm 35 per month but i will have to pay 4 months. It was a simple but exhausting training. Usually, i will be the one giving command and train the ‘kiddos’ in my secondary school. Here, i am the one kicking and kicking and running around. there goes my stamina!!

As a result, i suffered:

  • elbow block to my foot when kick – both foot
  • got kicked at my solar plexus
  • one side-kick at my right ribs
  • thumb hurt -dont know how
  • slap on my face twice with the kicking pad
  • blueblack at my wrist – don’t know how
  • and sweaty tshirt & pants…soaking wet!
(again i forget about taking tkd training picture, next time i guess)

Saturday morning from 8am-1125am, it’s my turn to instruct the KIDOs in SMK USJ 13 & Subang Utama. haha. so pitiful to see them go like…NO, why this & why me!! the torture!! and it’s just warm up. haha

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