What about me? I am Han-x.

REAL FAMILY : I come from a loving family. I also have two other brother from another mother which we known each other since birth.

other family : I also have a bro and a sis whom i meet every Saturday, almost. We are one freaking weird family as we always wear white pants & tops when we meet. and i am the sis. Well, by September 2008, our bro will be gone far far away. We will miss you, i think.

Families aside,

About me :


tadika name ‘unknown'(somewhere in Shah Alam), SJK(c) Lick Hung (yes, i don’t the chinese school ‘chop’, you can call me the ‘retarded’ one), SMK USJ 13, Sunway TES (currently)


Primary :

  • 1st started running & learned my how to high jump. Represent school since standard 4 till 6.
  • Went for badminton training by Han Jian (Was world ranking number 1).
  • End of Standard 6, started playing basketball
  • Learn swimming till freestyle & stopped training (not related to school)

Secondary :

  • continue with running – represent school yearly except form5, Olahragawan keseluruhan in form 3,
  • Jogging – every mon, wed & fri from form 1 till form 3 then stop (that explains my big tummy of fats nowadays)
  • Basketball started to kick in. it’s like playing basketball everyday – got some school training.
  • Started taekwondo white in Form 1 work my way up with my ‘ elder bro’.


  • I am committing more time into taekwondo
  • Love to take photos
  • Manage to win in MAPCU
  • Plus, trying to jog, trying
  • Yes, play badminton occasionally
  • Fun to play basketball with friends
  • A LOT of stress with exams – good in way to push myself