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it has been a couple of days since i last came online. the only reason is totally because i was watching movies after movies via dvd player.

While during the weekends,

-the guys are enjoying themselves by the beach or snorkeling in the sea
-others went for camp & had their muscle aching
-some are in hometown enjoying the scenery & the breeze wind blowing through them?
-little working in shops not related to their studies!
-Many starting to rot & waiting for the class to start(2nd July-Wednesday)

i watched:

21, 300, Secret, Shanghai Kiss, Street Kings, water horse, wild hogs & windstruck

Total of 8 movies, 4 movies per day aka crouch potato ME!

Let’s say it’s 1.5 hours per movie, Total = 12 hours!!

Half a day of my life is gone, and that’s excluding 5 episodes back to back of God/Save our king! additional 2.5 hours! (today-Monday, is season 2 finale of the anime! don’t miss it on Animax, 6pm or 9pm!)




PS: more Cineleplex, Cineleisure, The Curve, near One Utama, Damansara in Charissa’s blog (link on the right hand corner under ‘College’)


on 21 June 8pm, Hannah Montana concert on Disney channel showing a 3D concert. so, i had to wear the red-green classes and watch the show for 3D effect. cousin Celine, a BIG fan of Hannah Montana, conquered the tv all to herself that time. but it was a big disappointmen cause noone could see the 3D. haha

It reminds me of:

the genting trip!! the time-wasting dinasour master motion which we were the earliest in the line & waited about 30 mins to watch the lowsy 3D show. haha. but that trip was FUN!! totally!! too bad, i am gonna miss the Lang tengah trip this friday. hieh. next time i guess. haha.

and, a bug’s life in DISNEY LAND in LA. rating 10/10. totally beaten with the dinosaur 3D flat.

& Honey, i shrunk the audience.

haha. another memorable trip to remember & many good friends i met.

my day without tv and i SURVIVED!


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The LAZY happy-go-lucky  ROUTINE:

Wake up at 1130am or later for Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch). If there is NBA finals, then i will force though reluctant, to wake up at 930am to watch the finals. Did you all watch wednesday game? Boston beat Lakers FLAT!! 30 points margin lead, people!

Anyway, the next stuff i will do is nothing? hang around at home. EAT biscuits, bread…drink gassy drinks! (just so you know, i am fatter. 1st, no stress. 2nd, eat sleep eat sleep. What more can you expect?)

While waiting for 5pm to come, i will watch tv and tv and tv.

5PM!! i will storm to my room and change into basketball outfit and off i cycle to usj 20 for basketball!!

Reached home bout 730pm. Rest till 8pm, shower.

Have dinner till 9pm. then, Combination of wash plate, clean the table, throw the rubbish EVERYDAY (if i have dinner at home)

Btw, when i have my dinner i watch animaX, astro channel 715. yes, i know my age…it’s never too old to watch cartoon k? Unfortunately, my mum cancelled Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

830pm Samurai X – i remember watching in AXN in form2. well, it’s gonna end soon!!

900pm God Save our King Season 2 – i have been following since season 1 and it’s pretty COOL when the demon king use his POWER with blue aura!!

930pm Shonen Onmyouji : the young spirit master – a anime series that just start last week. the 1st day it started is the last day of my exam. It’s very entertaining as every episode there will be a fight with the demons.

Boston Celtics top players :
Keven Garnett, Ray Allen & Paul Pierce

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