And i found mickey in her blog. hehe.

Well, i have nothing to give but just a little wish will do i guess? right, Ms Chiang?

But, it still keeps me wonder if i were to  study abroad. Would i turn out to be a different person as i am TODAY? would i have british accent? Will i mature faster and miss out the fun stuff of being 20?

Well, one thing for sure is I will miss MALAYSIAN FOOD! family and friends and the ‘dependant life of living with your parents’. (just thinking about food makes me hungry!). Then again, i might just miss the FOOD –  is cheap! has variety! the best part, it’s Un-healthy! haha

The wise Han Xin did once said : ‘Eat all you can while you are at your 20s!’ hahaha. ‘Time won’t stop for me, it is I who moves forward AHEAD of time.’

Flavoured Pancakes Top View

More MICKEY Pancakes!! hehehe
Picture 1 and Picture2 from Jessica Chiang's new blog.