this is exactly what happens. After months of inactivity-of-blogging, i finally decided to blog and without me knowing when i click ‘publish’…the page lagged and nothing happens. so i click HTML and blank post appear. ahh…my hours of updates gone within seconds.

so i gave up and didn’t bother to continue…

and that was last week, this week/today/now. i shall not make the same mistake to keep my loyal readers (average of 25 readers a day-which amazed me) updated with my selfish social life. =)

Anyway, two weeks ago i was having a high fever fri thru someday. I did not see a doctor just took lots of sleep and some medicine. For the care and love and concern for the public, i kinda quarantine myself for a week and manage to go to class on fri.

The first 2 days was sleep and sleep and more sleep like a sleeping beauty.

After that was Astro, that last about a day cause there isn’t any show and it’s repeated (BORING!!). Animax was slow, btw.

By the fourth day i decided to watch anime online *cheers*

so i manage to finish:


1. Pumpkin scissors 24episodes
Story about what happens after the war with this Session 3 aiding the society towards war relief. The ending was incomplete as to who is the silver wheel and is there a season 2 that will review about this secret society.


2. Fullmetal Alchemists 51 epdisodes – an anime that i watched half way long time ago.
A must watch anime. The fighting scene is minimal but the story line is awesome especially the love between two brothers. Though it ends with the younger brother in the alchemy world and the older brother in the world beyond the gate(our world currently during the world war 2), there is another movie on the ending of fullmetal alchemist that last for approx 124 minutes.

Of course, now there’s brotherhood which is showing in animax. the difference is the story line and more alchemy fighting. Another reason for producing brotherhood is for it to be as close as the manga. Because the 1st anime half way the season was completely different from the manga.


3. Evangelion  26episodes- being top in japan anime series, i decided to watch.

The beginning and half way of the show was very interesting and exciting with Angel (enemy) kept coming and using the Eva to fight and all. However, the ending was very disappointing especially episode 25 and 26 was a waste of time.

In fact, the continuation is the ending of eva… with continues from episode 24 and shows how the 3rd impact of the world happened. Again the ending of the show wasn’t satisfying and didn’t make much sense. It’s something like watching one miss call and after the show you have no idea what’s happening.


4. Strawberry Marshmallow 13episodes
Just a short show of fun and childish jokes. [Not recommended for matured people]

The problem i have is that once i start something i have to finish it. There goes with 4 anime and, if my calculation is right, 2880 minutes of my life wasted on anime=48 hours = 2 days... =( ops!

so ya, no more anime till after EXAMS which is coming in 90 days. After that, is to wait for results in february and, hopefully, pass all 3 papers and time to work!!

man, it’s fast and i am only 1/5-century-old. Life is short!!

PS: to my loyal readers, thanks for checking my blog daily. Sorry for the inactivity, will try to keep it as interesting as possible.

Oh ya, please do drop by and comment or say hi or something. hehe


woo hoo…

Finally after all these years (2.5 years to be exact), i decided to spend on myself for a new destop.

  1. Intel Core Quad
  2. Vista home basic – trial
  3. Lcd Samsung 20”
  4. Graphic card – Gigabyte
  5. 2GB ram – for now
  6. Microsoft office 07- trial
  7. basic microsoft keyboard
  8. Dvd reader and burner
  9. 320Gb harddisk

and i think that is all.

In future, MUST buy new product key – Vista and office.


  • upgrade to 4GB (buy additional 2GB)
  • new keyboard and mouse
  • sound xifi or something
  • new speaker & microphone / headphone with microphone
  • webcam
  • card reader

Which will take years…

‘What happened?’ you must be wondering…haha.

1. ACCA P1, P2 P3 finals 8-10th june (Mon-Wed)

Obviously, before exams i was busy watching tv and reading magazines to pass time THEN only start to focus on exams!! haha. DSC06284

Look at the amount of material to study!!

2. 3rd MTF Specific coach level 11-14th June (Thu-Sun)

It’s a step closer for becoming a qualified tkd coach. There’s sport science level 1…etc etc. haha.

I really enjoyed the course. I met new friends who has been a tkd instructors for years – from Johor and Melaka. and there is a class of 50 plus students and everyone is a black belt holder. That makes the class so professional. haha.

anyway, the little stuff i am really fasinated is RESPECT. EVERTIME before a class starts, everyone will stand up and shout ‘Charyeot Gyeong rye‘ (attention bow). Never have i seen a group of students being so respectful to the lecturers/masters. I believe it’s a culture in Korea that’s embedded in tkd and is practiced by us, Malaysians.

3. Outings

Dates–  my dear and i had to hunt our prom clothing!! which is in 17th July which i haven’t pay for the table yet…ops! haha.

Then there’s also dinner with my childhood friends.

Badminton every tuesday night with tkd sir and his friends.

4. MSSD tkd sparring (18th June i think, thu)

Help coach the students for sparring. Had 4 bronze and a ‘gold‘. haha. it was tiring but worth the experience. My goal is to train and get at least 2 gold medalist for next years MSSD! it’s quite reasonable i guess. just need lots of tough drilling and training and they’ll be fine.

5. OBU

yes, i am starting my degree and plans to finish it by August, before the RESULTS is out. A total of 8,000 words is needed and with my mentor there to push me, i am confident that it’s not a problem at all.

6. Perhentian

I am off to holiday this week. a relaxing time at the beach and read a story book or two and let time pass while i laze my thoughts through the continumn of time. haha. that’s call a vacation!

and it’s unfortunate that i can’t go for genting with Jessica C. and all. Have a nice time guys!

Yes, you heard me ONE-nine to TWO-zero. 1 to 2!! 

Will be posted when free/ after mock exam / after June exams. (it’s a special day!)


Man i wish i can go to space and explore the universe or witness the beginning of the universe or seeing the stars born creating planets and is suitable for life forms

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”Buddha 

“The first and the best victory is to conquer self.” Plato 

“First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” 
Rob Gilbert 

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” Napoleon Hill 

So, is disipline that difficult? It’s just facing yourself or the enemy is YOU, yourself and noone else. Nobody knows yourself better other than you. You have witness & experience your life since birth.  How hard can it be?

The ans is VERY DIFFICULT to be discipline. It’s very important to know your priorities and push yourself to achieve it!! That’s one step away from success…



I know i have to discipline myself by focusing on studies & exercise while enjoy life. 

exam is closing by and closer as we speak. 

Ps: it has been long since i last blogged. 

Pss: i heard complains that my blog if so…please leave comments and stuff that can keep the blog interesting and fun to read.

yes, exam is closing by the minute. 


procrastinate…it’s becoming a habit and yet little i can do to fight it. 

Progress test is next week and this time i am not prepared. it’s like going for war without a shield, sword and training. Feels that way. 

Overcoming procrastination has been a challenge since CAT days…today it feels like normal or ordinary = culture? 

so, i should start to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and reach for the highest in any challenges i may face.  

All the best people!

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