Two weeks ago (haha, yes i know it was long time ago), i had :

Fri – Tkd SU & SMK USJ 13 annual dinner @ Atrium Cafe, Pyramid
Sat – Tkd training @ SU only
Sun – Last day of Referee Training @ Cheras

Anyway, the dinner was ‘okay’ as in bad planning or no planning, last minute decision, time pressure & all. Didn’t invite the ex-member or planning not to or didn’t even plan of such thing. No performance, no schedule of events (actually more like no events). Feels more like a gathering than a ANNUAL DINNER. Both schools’ president are boys, probably that explains it all. Luckily, i had fun, oh wait, i always have fun.


When everyone is still busy hearing announcement about the new board & all…i am eating!!

The 4 kidos(left) , Almost all the instructors(right)

After the dinner, a few of us head to red box & burn a hole in our pocket & sang our lungs out from 11pm till 3am.

Sat : training was as usual & tiring due to lack of sleep after a long ‘morning’.

Sun : Today is the last section of the tkd referee course of 18hours. yes, it’s 6 hours per Sunday. Reason i took the course is to update myself with the new rules & hand signals & points system. It’s my 1st time into sparing anyway(which in my opinion is not realistic as it’s more like a sport & point scoring to win).

The Corner Judges. Stick is Chung(blue), Knee Guard in red is Hung(red). IF you see a score raise the ‘thingy’. haha.

I am receiving a penalty (kyong-go)

Trainee-referee Me.

The arts of martial art in tkd is declining here. The idea of tkd has become more of a sport than a true martial art of self-defense & body conditioning exercise. It becomes more of leg kicking body & head to score A POINT rather than to defend yourself in certain dangerous situation.


PS : i won bachelor of the year for the tkd ‘annual dinner’.  haha.

This is what i won for being the winner. i have decided to name it ‘Ashley’ who won “bacholerate”  who i didn’t vote for neither did she vote for me. (and she named her teddy ‘Han Xin’) *hilarious*